Raul Alvarez

Raul Alvarez no longer lives in California or Chicago. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College, has helped edit several literary journals, has been on stage with other artists who are better than he is but who are kind enough to let him speak anyway, and has lots of thoughts about George Saunders. He believes that a healthy literary community depends on active and meaningful communication between artists. In 2011 his poem, +1, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. In 2014 his poem, A History of Manic Depression, was nominated for a Best of the Net award by Muzzle Magazine. In 2015, his first book, “There was So Much Beautiful Left,” was published. In 2018, he pulled his book from his publisher for reasons. You can email him for a copy, though. His email address is raulrafaelalvarez@gmail.com. He works in immigrant rights and lives in Seattle.