There isn’t much time left in this mostly arbitrary period of time where I can be described by the number 27 to tell you thanks so much for everything. Yeah, I don’t know which of you you are which is ostensibly the big issue at the center of the author/reader relationship [uncertainty] but you are alive at the same time I am (for now*) and for that I am so very happy.

Thank you for your ability to exist alongside of other people because if there was just one of us it’d be over already. I/You need more than the self to create meaning. I/You need another entity to bounce signals off of so that signals can change and get back to us to tell us SOMETHING IS AFOOT and that that something requires us to decenter, to destabilize our narrative, to deconstruct the brain-home we’ve been working on and expand our world to include another concurrent world in which we can not truly be more than the slight change between vibrations sent and vibrations received.

This is not to say there isn’t room for metaphysics. This is just to say, that for now, I’m speaking in terms bound to the little bits of data we’ve grown capable of understanding. And in the small pieces we find ourselves, at this point, close enough to feel our hairs prick up to say, in their skinny voice, that something is out there, and it sounds like home.


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© Raul Rafael Alvarez