FOYER: A repose area for spectators and place of venues, especially used before performance and during intermissions, but also as a place of celebrations or festivities after performance.

(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Victoria Alvarez: “The foyer is always about intermission. I’m not listless. I’m always up and down, in a servant’s role. The word expedient, what does that mean again?” Raul Alvarez: “It’s like… to move quickly.”

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 / 9:50PM CST / 7:50PM PST

VA: Victoria Alvarez

RA: Raul Alvarez

VA: Will you send this to me when you’re all done? RA: Of course VA: Now, you need some more money in January? RA: Maybe, it really depends on what happens this month. So, what is your favorite thing to do at 1401? VA: Eat RA: (laughing) Oh, so the kitchen is your favorite place at the house? VA: Yes it is. (laughing) RA: Okay, that’s good! But I’m not changing the title of your section. You are the foyer still. You laughed when I told you that’s where I was placing you. Well… I’ll add a parenthetical about the kitchen. But it’s so cliché, the foyer is really much more interesting. VA: Whatever you like dear! I do love the settee, the little orange one. You know underneath the angel mirror. RA: I do, I do. How do you like to spend your Holiday? VA: Well you know up and down up and down that kind of thing. It’s just, in the kitchen and then of course you know the den. And then you guys usually retreat to the front room where the fireplace is to have cheesecake and stuff like that, to have dessert. So I go back and forth there. And then I sit down to watch you, you know back and forth back and forth, that sort of thing. We move really fast, you know yay yay yay, that sort of thing. You know, it’s nice when you come down. I like you here, you know it’s so hollow when you’re not here. It changes, you know it’s not fun when you’re not here. RA: Yeah VA: But you know, that’s the way it goes! (laughs) RA: How’s Sasha? VA: Sasha’s good you know she’s sleeping you know, on my bed. RA: Oh good, does she spend a lot of time there? VA: Yes, yes she does, she does. You know the thing is I never read in my room. I never read. I just end up talking to myself. I miss you so much, when you aren’t here it’s not so much fun. So I want to know if we can get together maybe in August we can get together. You’ll have some more money, and I can save money so you guys can come out. RA: Well yeah actually we’re coming out in May because Keighty’s in a wedding. VA: Oh wonderful! So are you guys staying for the weekend? RA: We should hopefully be able to stay for a little while because the wedding is right after I graduate. VA: Oh how exciting! Are you going to be teaching right after that? RA: Well, I hope to teach in the Fall, but my current job at school will end when I graduate, so we should be able to come out for more than just the usual weekend trip. VA: Oh honey that sounds fantastic! And I’ll save money so we can go out to Palm Springs or something like that. RA: Yeah, that would be lovely that would be lovely. How’s the weather right now? VA: It’s okay, it’s pretty. It’s kind of cool right now. It’s very cold at night. How is it in Chicago? RA: It’s getting colder every day. It’s in the low 30s right but, but we actually haven’t gotten any snow yet other than a few flurries once. There really hasn’t been any measurable snowfall yet which is sad. I like the snow. VA: Oh honey I can’t wait to see you I just can’t wait to see you, I love you so much. Just, call me when you can and send the story when you can. Is Cora doing okay? RA: Keighty? VA: No, Cora (my brother’s ex-girlfriend) RA: Oh well I don’t know, when Thomas and her broke up it was for… forever. VA: They broke up forever huh? RA: Yeah VA: Oh. Well I just miss you and Keighty so much, give her a hug for me, and I will help you financially through May RA: Well, that’s very nice of you but we don’t need that much help. It’s just for the next month really that things are tough, but she’s looking for another job right now and she may have already found one so hopefully that works out. VA: Okay sugarplum, I just miss you and I miss you and I miss you. Please call me when you get a chance. And give Keighty a big hug for me, and I hope that everything goes well for her too. RA: I will, of course. One more question though, what is your favorite decoration in the house? VA: The one, well, I have a few crosses that I like. And there are so many angels to like here too, but the Russian cross. The Russian Orthodox cross I keep in my room is my favorite. I don’t know when I bought it but it’s really beautiful. RA: It’s a Russian Orthodox cross and you don’t remember where you got it? VA: No, I know I got it at that cute place we always go to… RA: Pier One? Puddleducks? Does that place even exist anymore? VA: Oh yes, Pier One! Yes. RA: You got a Russian Orthodox cross at Pier One? I can’t even picture what that would look like. VA: It’s tinted to look gold, it’s got a little gold leaf or something on it. You know, so it looks Russian. And it’s got a little jewel in the middle, oh, not a jewel, but a little piece in the middle of it, red, a little jewel, you know I really like that one. RA: Oh, that sounds nice. And you keep it in your room? VA: Yes, I keep everything in here. I have a little unicorn that looks like you in here. A little parrot that Tootsie bought me. An Eiffel Tower… post card. And I have my little cup that says, “love Raulie and Tommy” with a little teddy bear. And my teddy bear. And I have that Beatles Anthology that you bought me. RA: Oh I remember that! VA: And I have a book of Edgar Allan Poe’s work that I want to give to you. I don’t like to read it. It’s much too scary, but you’ll love it. RA: That’d be great! VA: Okay honey well I love you so much. I miss you and Keighty and kiss you (kiss kiss). Call me when you get the money okay, I’m sending it on the 2nd. RA: That is very nice of you, thank you very much. VA: Okay sweetie, bye bye.
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