Perfect Speech for the End of a Movie

We need to change the way we talk about things

We can’t pretend to be the greatest

We aren’t a football team there are real stakes


We are a collection of

do good and do evil


We are all packed

in the city universe


We are shredding into glitter


Be brave

Put me in danger


We are dead

We are slow burn


Raphael was the kids name right? he wanted to hurt me because I was gay. Well, he thought I was anyway. I didn’t think I was gay but was scared I was wrong. I was always scared of things getting out of my control. I don’t know how to talk about molestation. I am not sure how to be brave about it because it already happened. There is no more bravery needed.


 I didn’t know it was going to get in here. I can’t stop it now. It’s happening


How to put the protest in here? How to put that I love you. I love you so much, but I don’t want to have to work


I never get halfway

through my morning


Few words can make

a line break. Don’t

go out tonight you have

to die later


We need a way into this


What do you think?

Name required


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© Raul Rafael Alvarez